Microsoft Ignite 2019 - Pre-day IoT workshop wrap up


Microsoft Ignite 2019 has kicked off. On Sunday I was attended the pre-day workshop on IoT. Benjamin Cabé took the group through the development of a modern cloud IoT solution.

We focused on Microsoft’s demo company, Contoso Art Shipping Inc.

The workshop started by setting up sensors using IoT Hub and the new Device Provisioning Service with Plug and Play to do enrolment.

The device we used was the Azure MX Chip Dev Kit. It’s a complete unit that has built-in sensors, Wi-Fi, and LED display.

Once the device was connected, we moved onto data pipelines using Azure Time Series Insights. This product is an end-to-end PaaS offering to ingest, process, store, and query highly contextualized, time-series-optimized, IoT-scale data.

Next on the run sheet was Azure Maps. In this section we looked at how we can use the location data from an IoT sensor to create interactive maps and charts. The Azure Map services allowed as to plot data based on location. The Azure Map services have mapping data similar to Bing Maps and Google.

Finally, we set up monitoring on the data feed and looking for problems. Once a problem was detected, we can fire off an event to perform actions. In this section we looked at Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Event Hubs.

Overall the day was great, heaps of fun playing with some IoT devices, battling with failing Internet access points (seems IoT needs the internet to work) and made some new contacts. If you have the time check out the links below and give the workshop a try. You will need an MX Chip or some other device.

Check out these links for details on the IoT services we used.

IoT Workshop:

Azure DevKit MX Chip:

IoT Hub:

IoT Device Provisioning:

Azure Time Series Insights:

Azure Maps:

Azure Stream Analytics:

Azure Event Hubs: