Starting Over


A few months ago, I created this blog, and it has taken a bit of time, but its time to give blogging another try. I have created this blog to help other people with issues or topics that I have been working on. Over the last few years I have been working on cloud base solutions focusing on Microsoft technology and some Google services.

Currently, I am working as a Principle Architect focusing on the Microsoft cloud. I will try to provide some trick, tips and insights into different solutions and technology.

A little background on me. I started in IT over 20 years ago working for HP in their datacenters and I moved up the ranks and ended my time at HP in their Mission Critical team in Australia. For there I moved on to Fujisitu Managed Services. The next step for my first big jump into pure consulting with OBS. OBS was a small SharePoint based consulting company; I work as an Infrastructure consultant. I ended my time at OBS when I started my own company SkyBel and focused on Private and Public Clouds. This lasted a few years, and I had the best time working project with a good friend Leon. The work also took me to Microsoft Redmond many times to deliver solution training to Microsoft Consultanting and Integration partners on private and hosted clouds. The solution used the System Center, Windows, SQL Server, Windows Azure Pack, which is now changed to the Windows Azure Stack. After working for myself, I headed over to Data#3 as a Solution Consultant/Architect where I remained focused on delivery of cloud base solutions. I left Data#3 to my current position which is Principle Architect at Lab3, and this moved allowed me to focus more into the Azure Cloud and DevOps.

Over my time I have done almost everything in the Microsoft space, been the operator in a datacenter, break/fix guy, managed services dude, software developer, consultant, project manager, account manager, architect.

I think that all for now. I look forward to posting more.