Microsoft Ignite 2019 - Day 4 wrap up


The long day. The fourth day of Ignite is always the longs, started at 7am with breakfast and finished 11pm with the trip to the hotel from the after-party. My day was similar to the day before, lots of sessions and extended focus groups.

Here are a few of the updates from the sessions.

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft has integrated Teams with almost everything they can. There were so many updates its impossible to capture all the changes, best to review the sessions for Microsoft Teams on the MS Ignite site. You can stay in Teams and use it as your primary collaboration tool. Its will on its way to replace Outlook as my central tool for communications.

Here is a quick list of the updates in Microsoft Teams.

  • Private Chat
  • Translation services
  • Custom backgrounds on video chats
  • Priority notifications based on MS Teams tags
  • Multi Windows or pop-out windows for IM and Meetings
  • Cross channel posting
  • Announcement posts
  • Pinned Channels
  • Tasks powered by Planner and To-Do
  • Outlook Sharing of items from Teams
  • Yammer integration
  • Scheduling meetings via AI assistance
  • Live captions
  • Whiteboard inside teams
  • PowerApps pinning to the left menu

Identity, I was able to attend a few sessions around identity. AzureAD Passwordless login with FIDO keys was one. I already have some posts on this blog covering the setup configuration of Passwordless login. Not everything supports passwordless logins, but it will get there. Most business or frontline workers could move to passwordless login right now. IT Pros and Developers will still need App Keys and Password/MFA for a bit longer as products like PowerShell modules still require updating. There was also an interesting chat around replacing the current token-based logins with identity sourced in blockchain. This is still a long way off. Another point that was discussed was replacing the current SAML configuration with a standard handshake method of configuration. Right now, we have to create one side of the SAML authentication, then update the second side to complete the login setup. This may be replaced with a handshake, you configure one side and the service talks to the other end and sets up the federation.

Terraform and IaC, Not really a session I needed to attend during the week, as this is what Lab3 does as part of our day jobs. I did attempt to participate in the session on Thursday; however they picked the wrong room for it. The Technology centre room was overflowing. It’s was very clear that people are looking for DevOps and IaC.


The After Party….

Not much to say here, it was fun as always. The rides were on this year and heap more of the park was open compared to last year. Here are some photos from the night.

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