Azure CLI: Installing CLI on Mint Linux

Craig Wilson
Azure CLI on Linux Mint Today, I embarked on an exploration of Linux Mint as a potential new desktop environment. Linux Mint stands out as an operating system recognized for its robustness, user-centric design, and unparalleled stability. Its foundation on Ubuntu, which draws from Debian, positions Linux Mint as an exemplary choice for the Linux community. The system’s interface, celebrated for its elegance and simplicity and an extensive software repository, ensures a seamless user experience.

Cloud Local Administrator Password Service - Project

Craig Wilson
Over the last few years I have worked with Microsoft Intune, and AzureAD. I always get the request; “We can do this on-premise, why doesn’t it work now in the cloud”. Most of the time it is just a mindset change. Once you understand how cloud native solutions work. One issue that has appeared over and over again is local administrators on workstations that are AzureAD joined only. On-premise we would use LAPS to control administrator accounts, for AzureAD joined devices it’s different, we don’t have a domain or group policy.