Automating Agent and Log Forwarding to New Relic on Ubuntu

Craig Wilson
Automating Agent and Log Forwarding to New Relic on Ubuntu In this post, we’ll walk through the steps to automate the installation and configuration of the New Relic Infrastructure agent on an Ubuntu system. Additionally, we’ll show how to dynamically configure log forwarding for all log files in the /var/log directory and its subdirectories. This script has been tested on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on ARM, but should work for other versions of Ubuntu.

Azure CLI: Installing CLI on Mint Linux

Craig Wilson
Azure CLI on Linux Mint Today, I embarked on an exploration of Linux Mint as a potential new desktop environment. Linux Mint stands out as an operating system recognized for its robustness, user-centric design, and unparalleled stability. Its foundation on Ubuntu, which draws from Debian, positions Linux Mint as an exemplary choice for the Linux community. The system’s interface, celebrated for its elegance and simplicity and an extensive software repository, ensures a seamless user experience.

Linux Automation with SSH

Craig Wilson
Linux Automation over SSH Linux Automation over SSH, a set of scripts designed for the deployment and configuration of headless Linux workstations and servers. Perfectly suited for creating development servers, this solution has been developed and tested on Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu VMs. It offers a streamlined approach using builtin tools to executing shell scripts remotely, ensuring secure and orderly operations. While it’s a boon for development environments, users are cautioned to handle secure passwords with care before deploying it in production settings.