Export Certificates in Multiple Formats Using PowerShell

Craig Wilson
How to Export Certificates in Multiple Formats Using PowerShell Introduction Certificates are a crucial part of any IT infrastructure, dealing with secure communications and data protection. Managing them effectively is vital. Today, I am looking at a versatile PowerShell script that simplifies the process of exporting certificates from the Windows Certificate Store in various formats: PEM, PFX, and CER. What Does the Script Do? This PowerShell script allows IT administrators and security professionals to:

Windows 11 on Unsupported Hardware

Craig Wilson
Installing Windows 11 on Unsupported Hardware: A Guide for Your Test Lab Windows 11 demands specific hardware features for production environments. However, there’s a workaround for experimental purposes. This guide is aimed at those looking to use Windows 11 on outdated or unsupported hardware, typically found in home or development labs. It’s not recommended for production use. During a standard Windows 11 build, once the screen appears to select your langauge, you can press F-10 and open the registry editor(regedit).

Linux Automation with SSH

Craig Wilson
Linux Automation over SSH Linux Automation over SSH, a set of scripts designed for the deployment and configuration of headless Linux workstations and servers. Perfectly suited for creating development servers, this solution has been developed and tested on Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu VMs. It offers a streamlined approach using builtin tools to executing shell scripts remotely, ensuring secure and orderly operations. While it’s a boon for development environments, users are cautioned to handle secure passwords with care before deploying it in production settings.